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Route 80

Route 80

Route Poster Win
Route Festival poster
Rebecca Strong
Martina Mehta
Corinne Britti & Dante Savion
Corinne Britti
Anique Mercier
Rebecca Strong
Buck Biestek
Joe Grant & Dante Savion
Rebecca Strong & Dante Savion
Liberty Glez

Filmed in 10 days during the Summer of 2017, Route 80  is a contemporary drama that surrounds the life of a close-knit working-class family. After 2 years of trying to make a career for himself in New York City, Tommy DiNello moves back to his small Connecticut town. However, his parents have since moved away, so Tommy has no choice but to stay with his heartsick uncle and distracted cousins, all while battling memories of the reason he left in the first place. 


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